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We’ve been having an ongoing dialogue for a few months now about how the hashtag #selfcare tends to get under our skin. It’s not that we don’t believe in taking care of ourselves, it’s just that we wonder if it all has to be posted on social? And maybe it’s all just getting a little too out of control? Baths with organic flowers, crystals, oils and three different kinds of salt? Is this realistic? Are we alone in feeling this way?

We dive into why the whole self care movement bothers us so much, and explore what it really means to take care of yourself when you’re a woman, but also a mom who rarely gets to poop with the door closed.

For some perspective we interview our uber positive and refreshingly straightforward friend, Sarah Zeren who is an in-demand coach and counselor and helps people become the best version of themselves (and maybe she helps us change our attitudes.) And then we interview Tracey’s mom on what it was like when she was at home with kids 40 years ago (sorry about the weird audio, we’re learning over here.)


Shayna and Tracey have been friends since the 8th grade – that’s over 25 years. After college, they each moved to separate coasts for a decade. They were reunited when they decided to leave big city life and settle down with their families in Denver, Colorado and Facebook told them their daughters are 3 weeks apart. After several play dates, some more childbirth, some unsuccessful pumping, and the overwhelming nature of mommy community boards, The Pump and Dump Show was born.

The show launched in 2012 in a bar in Northwest Denver and quickly grew to a bi-monthly, local staple for new moms to have a night out. In 2014, Shayna and Tracey took The Pump and Dump Show on its first national tour and continue to perform every month to audiences nationwide.

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