I’m a life-long seeker, a truth teller, and a vulnerability embracing love warrior with a dash of spiritual ass-kicker thrown in –  you know, to keep it interesting.

I’ve seen my fair share of rodeos and I’ve been face down in the middle of that arena more than once.

But it’s not how you fall, it’s how you rise, right?

Are you ready to thrive, to rise, to live out loud?

Want to learn more? About Rising? (or falling), About me + why I’m “doing this”, my credentials, my offerings?  Scroll on!

While I experience a LOT of privilege many do not, don’t let that shiny smile at the top of the page fool you. I have had a VERY “colorful” past that has required a lot of deep dives, healing, commitment (and a boat load of kleenex) to be where I am today.

I do not assist others on their path unless I’ve walked it myself. Here’s why:

You are smart. You are capable. And with today’s technology you can literally google, youtube, listen, read or otherwise download any information you need about whatever you want – including how to heal yourself!

What that doesn’t get you is someone who has walked the walk who can support you in the ups, downs and in-betweens.


Areas of expertise I have both personal + professional experience with (don’t judge – it’s a LOT!):

  • Mental Wellness: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, narcissism, borderline personality disorder + other behavioral challenges
  • Trauma: sexual assault; childhood trauma; mental, physical + emotional abuse + neglect
  • Divorce
  • Substance use: addiction + recovery
  • Grief/Loss: loss of loved ones to passing as well as voluntary termination of relationships
  • Suicide: personal experiences of “playing on that edge” or loss of others due to
  • Intergenerational patterns of dysfunction 

Modalities I use for Healing:

  • Coaching + Talk Therapy: asking curious, open-ended questions so you can source answers for yourself (annoying, but effective!)
  • Emotional Intelligence: awareness, regulation + expression
  • Integration work: a healing approach I’ve crafted from Jung’s teachings to integrate pain / shadow (so you can experience more joy!)
  • Mindfulness / Meditation 
  • Inner Child Integration
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: clinical speak for thought mastery – it’s not scary, I promise!
  • Boundaries
  • Somatic Psychology: learning how emotions live in the body + how to recognize and release them
  • Tapping: acupressure for assisting the body in releasing trauma and old trapped emotions that aren’t helpful
  • Spiritual Practice: exploring and building your own personalized approach to cultivating self-trust + faith

Regardless of my listed areas of expertise or healing approaches – this journey is YOURS. So we go in the direction that is best suited for you – based on what you want, need and desire (not what I think you want, need and desire).

I am here to support you, offer insight and suggest tools for your utilization (along with some hilarious stories about how they worked for me – or didn’t!). I’m a real person, with real experiences (and real knowledge), as you are, too. If an authentic approach to healing what ails you is your brand of support – then let’s chat, shall we?

Ways to Work with Me

In addition to your not-at-all-run-of-the-mill coaching + counseling, here are 3 areas I specialize in. Click on each to learn more… what they mean, my experience with each, and how we work together so they don’t have to hold you back any longer.

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Hear my story and learn how it’s impacted what I do today.

Sarah is an incredible coach! As a result of our sessions, I transitioned out of an uninspiring job and pursued my dream career. Six months after the transition, I dramatically increased my income while also improving my most important relationships. Honestly, my life has changed completely–all because of our time together. I highly recommend Sarah to those wanting to pursue their most difficult goals!

Jim B.

I had been struggling with seeing my trees through the forest. I needed clearly to gain motivation and accountability to just get it done! Sarah has such a great way of putting things and always asks the right questions at the right time. She is super intuitive and is a big support when I’m not as jazzed, but reminders me of how awesome I really am. Who wouldn’t want someone like Sarah on their team! I have come a long way since working with her, she truly has helped me on my path!! Thank you Sarah!!

Meredith J.

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  • You are reading this. You are obviously curious as to what this personal development stuff is all about. And that’s all it takes – curiosity Committing to a coaching relationship surely takes more than curiosity but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re just talking about one 30 minute call.
  • You’ve heard about coaching – aren’t really sure what it is, and are interested in getting more information.
  • You want to explore ideas on good “next steps” for you in your life, career, relationship, etc.
  • You need help working through an issue and a confidential, unbiased sound board is appealing.
  • You suspect that you could be having bigger, greater, more exciting experiences? (You would be right!)
  • You feel blocked in an area of your life and you’d like some unbiased feedback on what might be going on.
  • You having a beating heart + an active mind.. Hey. I know I’m biased but I HONESTLY believe everyone needs a coach!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.

– Chinese Proverb