Do you daydream about feeling lit-up, excited about your life again but you’re not sure it’s possible? 

Do you find yourself less than fulfilled with the life you’ve created                                                                                                  (and have some serious guilt for not feeling more grateful for all you DO have?)

Do you feel you’ve exhausted all your tools to “get happy” and nothing is working?

Do you KNOW life isn’t a dress rehearsal and you are ready to get to the business of doing what REALLY fulfills you – once you figure out what that is…..!?

WELL, COME ON IN! – because you aren’t the only one!

Happily Unhappy is a community designed to offer a supportive sounding board to people who are looking for MORE and are done beating themselves up about it (or are ready to be done, at least!)



–>Meaningful content (tutorials, tools for growth, insightful articles, videos + curriculum)

–>Sarcasm, Cussing, Laughter + Levity. We aren’t here to impress upon each other how polished, educated or together we all have it. I don’t have time for that because it’s not real – so this group won’t be like “that” either. People who are willing to show up messy (read: human)? Yes, please!

–>Safe Environment to share: This is EVERYTHING to me because without it we can’t be vulnerable. And without vulnerability we can’t share + grow. This group has a ZERO tolerance rule for judgement, rescuing + giving unsolicited advice.

–>Mutually supportive Membership where you benefit from hearing others experiences, as well as sharing your own.

–>Opportunities to challenge, and if you choose, upgrade your “operating system” (coach speak for “ways in which you approach the world”).

Answer 3 brief questions designed to maintain an integrous (ladies only) group all here for the “right reasons” and come on in! 

The “10 Insider Coaching tips you need now” PDF is worth the price of admission – but then again I wrote it so I’m biased 😉 

See you in there!