My Coaching is Rooted in these Personal Philosophies


You don’t need to be fixed.
You need to be untangled.

Even the most broken of people (of which I can count myself as one) still don’t need to be fixed, and certainly not by another person. We all have precisely what we need to be happy, fulfilled, excited, THRIVE – inside of us already. Life tends to put a lot of barriers in the way so it’s hard to access, to see, to believe the gorgeous truth of who we are.

Untangling the stories we tell ourselves, or that were TOLD TO US about ourselves is a process. It’s THE process and it’s the core work I do with my clients.

Do you drink to excess, over exercise, over eat, smoke, look at an overwhelming amount of porn, surf the web late into the night, or stay too busy to connect with yourself, your family or friends in a real + meaningful way?

Good news – so do most of us! I mean – not ALL those tactics at once (wow) but you get the point!

Please don’t get me wrong – there are folks out there with life-threateningly, scary addictions and absolutely need aggressive interventions like inpatient treatment and medications. I’ve worked with folks like this before – and without any judgement at ALL I can say this isn’t my “sweet spot” in terms of who I prefer to work with. The people I work with around this topic  have your garden variety to well-formed relationships with their drug or distraction of choice and are ready to make some changes.


You aren’t abnormal
because you avoid pain.


Stress + Dysfunction

It is a sick, twisted joke but it’s true: we lean harder into our pain avoiding behaviors when we are stressed or when past pain gets triggered. That in turn FIRES up our inner critic who has a field day with our self esteem and the cycle starts over. Again: normal AND we can learn another way.

Personally this is my holy trinity with each triad being equally important, bearing equal weight for our mental, physical and spiritual health. I’ve found most of us are out of balance, leading too much with one or two and more often than not disregarding the 3rd. As spiritual beings having a human experience on the planet, it’s imperative that each triad is supported, acknowledged and utilized.


Body, Mind, Spirit —
it’s ALL connected
(and ALL important!)


Listen to Matthew McConaughey!

He says, “My rule is to break one sweat a day.”

Feed the body, and you’ll feed the mind + spirit, too. Breathe hard, break a sweat, use your muscles, oxygenate your blood, get your heart pumping that blood throughout the body and up into the brain. Movement gets you OUT of your head and into your body which creates space for creativity + gratitude to come in, brings clarity – and it will keep you living longer. All W’s there.

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