Operating System

                                                        Your Operating System is your personal thought + behavioral patterns that are formed based on how you were raised, your life experiences and your belief + value systems. This operating system (O/S) - it informs...

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What is Coaching?

                                           Coaching is a consciousness raising modality that empowers the coachee to know with 100% confidence they have the answers to the challenges they’re facing intrinsically inside of them. Because they do. Coaching helps people...

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Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

There was a time in the not so distant past when I spent QUITE a lot of time wondering (read: worrying) if I was doing the work I was “meant to” in this life. Truth be told it took up quite a lot of my time and brain power. I had this “life isn’t a dress rehearsal”...

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Grief is a Rude Beast

I thought this blog post was going to be about weed. The instructor in my yoga class this morning was high as a kite and I giggled to myself, “…only in Colorado”. Then I felt a rip of almost jealousy “I would never be able to teach a class stoned… maybe I should try...

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Why Risk is the Way to Happy

There is a lot of information flying around out there about how to make 2017 your best yet. Release toxicity from your life before the new year. Let go or be dragged. All good things. There are also a lot of unhappy people speaking up about what an ass-kicking year...

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Personal Philosophies