Your Operating System is your personal thought + behavioral patterns that are formed based on how you were raised, your life experiences and your belief + value systems.

This operating system (O/S) – it informs ALL our choices: career paths we choose (or don’t), people we choose to spend time with, how we allow ourselves to be treated, how we treat ourselves + others, what we believe about the world around us, what we think is possible for us (or not), how we function + behave on a daily basis.

Much of our O/S we wouldn’t want to change – it makes us the best of who we are…however most of us could use a few upgrades.

All parts of our operating system at one point absolutely supported us and our greater good. But things change, people change, technology changes and we need to change with it if we want to live optimally + actualized: the best versions of ourselves. 



Humor me for a second and think about this question:

What is your least favorite thing about yourself – something that isn’t in line with who you are but it still persists? What ever your answer? It’s apart of an old operating system that no longer serves you. You’re aware of it, you don’t like it + you’re ready to let it go. {And have probably tried but changing behavioral patterns is HARD STUFF}.

Behavior is almost solely driven by our thoughts + emotions, which is driven by our core beliefs. Tally your core beliefs together and you’ve got your operating system. 

But here’s the thing…we aren’t always fully aware of the core beliefs running our O/S – which is scary if you think about it.

Belief systems you aren’t fully conscious of are informing your thoughts + emotions, influencing your decisions + behaviors and thereby creating your life.

Let’s just let THAT sink in…

Imagine you are a valiant gladiator moving through an arena at lightening speed being pulled by a team of gorgeously adorned horses, but you only pick up the reigns periodically to direct them where to go. You end up dead-ended against the wall and wonder how you got there…instead of over at the velvet ensconced tents with all the pretty people nibbling snacks + drinking wine. 

Ever hear yourself say (or think) “I have no idea how I got HERE – I mean, I just thought life would look so much different than it does”. That is a sure-fired indicator you’re not holding the reigns – and there are outdated belief systems at work that need to be rewritten so you can go hang in the tent. With the pretty people. And eat snacks.

Recall a massive shift that happened in your life – like moving from college into the workforce. You had to upgrade + shift your operating system to keep up with increased demands: time management, interpersonal skills, professionalism, accountability. Based on how well you were able to shift your operating system – you experienced varying levels of success holding down a 9-5 post college. 

As changes in our lives happen, we get real busy adulting and overlook the need to self-asses.

Of course we’re continually learning + growing however deep-seated belief systems don’t rewrite themselves without some serious attention (and awareness). It usually takes a BIG pain point – something that makes us SO uncomfortable we are forced to look at ourselves + decipher what’s working and what isn’t. Which is so uncool, really. 

Why not rewrite your story + upgrade your operating system while you are feeling great instead of waiting until you’re dead-ended into a wall? Again.

If we don’t get in there and recode + rewrite (or rip out!) some of our old belief systems – it’s impossible for us to live up to our fullest, happiest potential. Period.

Change is inevitable. Your computer doesn’t use the same operating system it did 10 years ago and you shouldn’t either.

If you find yourself feeling unfulfilled or stuck in areas of your life chances are your operating system needs an upgrade. Interested in getting a backstage pass, behind-the-scenes look at your operating system?

I have a badass empirically valid + reliable assessment for that.

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