There was a time in the not so distant past when I spent QUITE a lot of time wondering (read: worrying) if I was doing the work I was “meant to” in this life.

Truth be told it took up quite a lot of my time and brain power. I had this “life isn’t a dress rehearsal” storyline running through my head and it was telling me I was supposed to be doing more, offering more, living bigger. But I honestly didn’t know what that really meant, what that was or how to figure it out.

I found this to be mildly frustrating 😉

If this rings true read on for a short anecdotal story about me – and then some generalized inspiration on how things can be different.


Part of the work that I do in the world is as a trainer for LifeBound, an academic coaching company based out of Denver. We train educators on how to effectively weave the coaching modality into the academic advising model. Coaching promotes self-awareness around personal passions, strengths + challenges, emotional intelligence, motivation, mind-set, drive and has a foundational basis in cognitive behavioral therapy (a personal fav).

Essentially – coaching is a modality and a vehicle to empower people to trust themselves and anyone that knows me KNOWS It comes through loud and clear when I train because I feel so lit up on fire!

Couple this with the fact that the majority of educators we train work directly with students who are 1st Generation to go to college and/or other underserved populations makes this work even more impactful. Could I have used an academic coach as a student? Yes. Do these kids need more support than I did? Absolutely.

I LOVE what I do.

Last week I was in Dallas doing this very amazing work when a participant approached me to say “You are obviously excited about this material – it’s contagious! You are so lucky to do what you love for a living”.

In response I said: “Thank you – I really do enjoy it….

and luck has NOTHING to do with it”. And it doesn’t.

I’ve spent focused time taking intentional pivots + deep dives getting “here” – doing work I love. {Like, light me up inside, love.} Having your “career of a lifetime” (or relationship, or creative passion or life set up) doesn’t just fall out of the sky – you have to seek it out. For some lucky people they “live into” their ultimate life. They wake up one day and realize “Hey look at that – I’m living the life I’ve always wanted and I’m totally fulfilled and happy”. (I know 4 of these people, just sayin).

For the rest of us – we’ve got to dig. Be curious. Be willing to get outside of our comfort zone.

Fear keeps most folks from asking the questions because they are afraid of the answers. And I get that.

But I can also attest that just on the other side of fear is what we really want. So if you are ready to push past fear – and not everyone is – then get in touch. Want to live out loud? Want to stop wondering if you are living the life you are “meant to”?

I might know someone who can help you with that 😉

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